IMAGINATION Iwona Blecharczyk


We carry out international land transport with a JUMBO set with a capacity of 22 tons with 38 pallet places.


I have 10 years of experience behind the wheel of many trucks, in various modes of transport, on two continents. I’m currently travelling across Europe with a modern Volvo tarpaulin kit.

Knowledge of the industry and experience in the transport of oversized cargo with a total length up to 70 meters is a solid foundation on which I create Imagination. By cooperating with us, you can be sure that the cargo will be delivered on time and safely.

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We have a JUMBO set with a total load capacity of up to 22 tons and 38 pallet places. The truck has a MULTI-point load securing system SAFETY LOCK in accordance with EN 12660, a certificate of safe load XL, and meets the Euro 6 emission standard. Full aluminum decking and aluminum bodywork are the standard equipment of our fleet.
  • Internal length: truck 7.70 m + 7.70 m trailer,
  • Internal width: 2.48 m,
  • Internal height: 3.00 m,
  • Cubic capacity: 118 cubic meters,
  • A passage set enabling loading without anhitching the trailer sliding.


Trucking Girl

One of the most famous Polish women in transport. In 2017, she went to Canada, where she worked for example as a city driver. She worked in specialized transport for 6 years. By truck she traveled the legendary roads of Canada and the USA. She was the first Pole on the Ice Trails (Ice Raod season 2017/2018), as well as one of the few women driving super b-train off-road sets in oil fields with a permissible weight of up to 63 t.

Winner of the prestigious Matel award – Barbie Shero 2019. Winner of the title of Person of the Year – Wings of Transport 2019 awarded by TLP. Personality of the Year 2019 awarded by the NOWINY magazine. Ambassador of the Truckers Life Foundation. Co-owner of the Super Trucker brand by Iwona Blecharczyk, as well as the heroine of the „Adventures of a Trucker” program and the author of the book „70 m truck through the world”.

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IMAGINATION Iwona Blecharczyk

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